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Lebron James says he believes Daryl Morey's Hong Kong tweet was "misinformed"

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Lebron James issued a clarification Monday night after ESPN’s Mark Spears reported that the NBA legend said he believes Daryl Morey’s pro-Hong-Kong tweet that sparked outrage in China was “misinformed” and that the Houston Rockets GM was “not educated on the situation.”

The big picture: Hong Kongers have enjoyed a high degree of autonomy sine the former British colony was handed back to the Chinese government in 1997.

  • Morey posted his remarks during the ongoing protests, raising the ire of authorities in China — a major market for the NBA — and leaving him scrambling to explain that his views are his own and not related to the Rockets or the NBA as a whole.
  • James called a players-only meeting with the Nets and Lakers last week to discuss concerns over handling questions about China, The Athletic reports.
  • Having gained such notoriety in the league, James is often seen as a leader for the sport both on the court and in the game’s culture.
  • James did say he believes the tweet was dangerous and that he’s unsure of how it will continue to affect the Association and players.

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