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Mike Pompeo says Iran lied to the UK over oil delivery to Syria –

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Britain at the time accused Iran of showing “complete disregard for its own assurances” and summoned the Iranian ambassador to complain of a breach of trust. 

Iran had promised Gibraltar that the ship was not headed to Syria in order to secure its release from detention in Gibraltar two weeks previously.

It was not immediately clear if last month’s reports of an oil delivery were mistaken or if the claims made by Secretary Pompeo on Wednesday referred to a fresh transfer. 

Europe and the United States have been divided over Iran policy since Donald Trump’s administration quit a deal, also backed by the EU, Russia, and China, designed to curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions in 2018. 

Since then the United States has pursued a “maximum pressure” policy of punishing sanctions in a bid to force Iran to accept tighter nuclear restrictions, end military support for armed groups like Hizbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen, and cut its missile program. 

European countries, including the UK, have resisted US pressure to follow suit and have attempted to persuade Iran to stick to its nuclear deal commitments. 

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