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Saints Captain Wins Appeal Against Fine for ‘Man of God’ Headband, Gives the Money to Charity Instead

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In a turn of events as surprising as it is fantastic, the NFL has utilized its last remaining shred of common sense to overturn a fine that had been levied against New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis.

Davis had been fined for wearing a headband reading “Man of God” during the team’s Week 3 game.

The charge was that the headband violated the NFL’s rule against players displaying “personal messages” on game days.

Davis had come to terms with the fine and said he would stop wearing the headband. He explained his reasoning in an article he wrote for Sports Spectrum’s “The Increase.”

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“The Bible tells us to be submissive to what your authorities are asking you to do,” Davis wrote. “Unless the authorities above us are asking you to do something that’s not of God, then you need to follow that rule, whether or not you agree with it yourself. The league has a uniform code; it wouldn’t be reflective of Christ for me to go against that rule.”

Davis also announced that he would sell the “Man of God” headbands, with all proceeds going to St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi.

Davis decided to take a negative and turn it into a positive. On Tuesday, that negative turned into an even bigger positive.

Was the NFL right to overturn the fine?

The NFL decided to drop the fine after Davis appealed it, he wrote in an Instagram post. And to make matters even better, he decided to donate the $7,017 that would have been used to pay the fine to St. Dominic Hospital.

“So far, we’ve raised over $30,000 for them from the headbands!! That means yall helped me turn a $7,000 negative into an almost $40,000 positive benefiting people who truly need it!!! Do y’all see how that worked??” Davis wrote.

The headbands, produced by Davie, Florida-based Sleefs, are still available for purchase. In addition to “Man of God,” headbands reading “Woman of God” and “Child of God” are for sale.

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Davis will be back on the field Sunday when the Saints take on the Jacksonville Jaguars at TIAA Bank Field.

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