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A Peaceful Place – EarthMC

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The most peaceful areas on EarthMC

by miniminer367, EarthMC Live. Ported and revised by Orangix.

EarthMC is a server born in flames and combat. Wars are almost constant, but what if you just want an area to develop peacefully? To find the answer, you need to plunge deep inside the history of modern EarthMC. The graph below is the percentage of wars around the world, Europe being the continent with the most wars since the beginning.

We now know that Europe is not a formidable place for a new town. Central Asia, on the other hand, is mainly empty, and has small countries that don’t pose a threat due to the distance between towns. Don’t go too close to the east coast, however, as Chinese cities are aggressive and fight constantly for territory. Africa is pretty much empty too, and has a medium aggressiveness towards other countries. North America is a completely different story. At the time of writing this a massive war between New York and Virginia is taking place and many smaller countries are hit in the crossfire. It is half-empty and still has space to colonize. Australia was recently host to a conflict opposing Fuze and other Australian countries. In peaceful times, it is a calm area with nice relations and peaceful development.

This graph has a nice view on conflicts around the world in the past. Below are areas nice for settlement and wars around the world.

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