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Owner of Allegedly Pro-Antifa Bar Allowed Patrons To Use ‘Illegal Weapons’ To Attack Conservatives: State Probe

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The owner of a Portland, Oregon, bar that reportedly served as a haven for Antifa protesters is now in trouble with state regulators for his role in a May 1 brawl that erupted outside his business.

Bar owner Abram Goldman-Armstrong is accused of doing nothing to stop his left-wing patrons from using “illegal weapons” against conservative protesters during a May 1 brawl, according to Fox News.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission also said that Goldman-Armstrong, who operates the Cider Riot, failed to follow state rules and remove unruly customers.

“Goldman-Armstrong stated that his patrons were only acting in self-defense but clearly, according to the video, he was present and watching as patrons displayed aggressive behavior,” wrote state inspector Genny Welp, according to The Oregonian.

The report said the owner photographed his customers while they were using “illegal weapons.”

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Despite being aware of multiple injuries that were suffered in the fight, and the role his customers played in the brawl, Goldman-Armstrong never tried to boot those customers, the report said, noting that this lack of action broke state rules.

The report also said that Goldman-Armstrong and Joseph LeVasseaur, who was working security in the bar that day, gave false statements to state investigators, based on a review of video evidence and multiple statements.

In one instance, Goldman-Armstrong claimed he ordered police to be called. However, the employee who made the call contradicted that claim.

LeVasseaur initially said he was at his post outside the bar’s entrance throughout the incident.

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He later admitted he joined the attack on the right-wing protesters, using mace against them and getting into a fight with one person.

“When I asked LeVasseaur why he had not disclosed all this to me in the first interview he stated he was in fear of Patriot Prayer groups [sic] retaliation as the video had gone viral,” Welp wrote.

The report recommends charges against the owner and his staff of providing false statements, failure to evict and permitting unlawful and disorderly activity. All of those are state alcohol license violations.

The report also recommends a charge of destroyed or concealed evidence, but The Oregonian reported that the details were redacted.

The attorney for Goldman-Armstrong downplayed the charges.

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“It’s not clear what OLCC would have wanted my client to do,” attorney Juan Chavez said. “Did they want Abe to be both a one-man police force and a bouncer, all while he was dealing with a small triage hospital in his cidery?”

Since the May 1 riot, Goldman-Armstrong has put the bar up for sale.

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