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Video Shows Boy Overcome with Emotion Draw Trump in for Full-On Bear Hug as Crowd Looks on

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When I was a young boy in grade school, I received an assignment that entailed writing a letter to an elected official.

Not content with contacting my local congressmen or senators, I set my sights higher: I would write a letter to the president of the United States at the time, George W. Bush.

I proudly scribbled off a letter to the president on a piece of notebook paper. It was so long ago that I don’t exactly remember what I said, though I do recall expressing my profuse thanks to Bush for doing his best to protect the lives of the unborn.

And I remember my joy when I received a response from the White House. Looking back, I now realize that Bush never read my letter and that his response — including the presidential signature I treasured for so long — was almost certainly the same automated reply his office sent to the countless children who contacted him.

All this to say that I understand the sort of childlike amazement a young boy or girl has when it comes to someone they respect — especially when that someone is the president of the United States.

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To me, that makes this young boy’s reaction when coming into contact with President Donald Trump outside the White House on Friday all the sweeter.

Trump is currently hosting Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and the White House held a ceremony to welcome Morrison to Washington, D.C.

A crowd of people was waiting as Morrison arrived and was led to the actual White House building by Trump.

The two leaders didn’t disappoint, taking their time to shake hands with people at the front of the crowd, mainly children.

Do you think President Trump is doing a good job?

One young man, dressed in a full suit and waving a pair of American flags, reached out his hand as Trump approached, and was greeted with a handshake.

You could see the emotion on his face afterward as the boy pumped his fist — no doubt thrilled that he’d been able to shake the president’s hand.

But he wasn’t going to let Trump get off with just a handshake.

With the crowd looking on, he reached out both hands and embraced Trump in a full-on bear hug. The president patted him on the back, then moved on down the handshake line.

Watch below:

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My guess is that the president’s reaction was enough.

The young man got to give the leader of the free world a bear hug. It’s the opportunity of the lifetime when you think about it.

It’s also a good reminder of how a simple act from the president — in this case, shaking the boy’s hand and patting him on the back — can make someone’s day.

It’s not really about politics. Sure, I imagine this young man supports Trump. But more than that, I’d say this is a story about a child’s day getting made because he got to meet one of his heroes.

I do know this: When I was that boy’s age, I would have wanted to hug the president, too.

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