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Trump Admin To Sign Asylum Deal with El Salvador That Aims To Stem Flow of Migrants to US

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The Trump administration has reached an asylum agreement with El Salvador that would substantially decrease the influx of Central American migrants seeking entrance into the United States, multiple outlets confirmed.

An unnamed administration official told The Associated Press that the proposed “cooperative asylum agreement” was set to be signed Friday by acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan.

Key details, the outlet reported, citing two other officials, have yet to be “hammered out” between the two countries and will be discussed in the weeks and months to follow.

Like the so-called “safe third country” asylum deal reached between President Donald Trump’s administration and Guatemala in July, this one is meant to stop the flow of migrants to the U.S.

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That deal requires Guatemala to stop all northbound migrants passing through the Central American nation and have them apply for asylum there before reaching the U.S.-Mexico border.

“The arrangement with El Salvador was not described as a ‘safe third country’ agreement,” the AP reported.

However, El Salvador will be called upon to meet those same basic constraints, Fox News confirmed.

Such deals with Guatemala and Mexico have already been identified by both the Mexican and American governments as key factors in the substantial drop in border apprehensions made by U.S. border agents in recent months.

“That international effort is making an impact,” McAleenen told Fox last week.

“Mexican operational interdiction is certainly [the] highlight of that effort.”

“But the shared responsibility we’re seeing in the region, governments stepping up and saying we also own this,” McAleenen added, has been instrumental in the falling apprehension numbers.

Just over 64,000 border apprehensions were made by U.S. agents in August, which is down 56 percent from May.

Following through on promises made during the president’s 2016 campaign, the Trump administration has wracked up the victories in regard to protecting the southern border.

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Do you think Trump should sign an asylum deal with El Salvador?

The Supreme Court has sided in the administration’s favor twice this summer, too.

The Court ruled in July that the administration may divert military funding to build sections of wall on the border, and said earlier this month it can reject asylum claims from those migrants who do not first apply in a third country.

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