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What Caused the French Revolution and it’s effect on the World

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As a lover of history, big events such as the French Revolution has and will always amaze me. The effect it has on our world is so tremendous it is hard to believe.

In the late seventh century, France was one of the wealthiest countries in Europe. Its citizens had a better life than others in Europe. It had colonies around the world and it was the second most populated country in Europe.

So why did the revolution happen?

France bitter rivalry with Britain had led it into devastating wars such as the seven years war and the fight for the American Revolution. Both wars had left France in a terrible financial state with a lot of debt to pay off. The debt owed was over 12 billion livres (old french currency). Taxes were raised high to help deal with the debts, nobles were informed of the country’s current state of finance but to no avail, nothing worked. The nobles could not be taxed because they were exempted from taxation. This prevented millions of livres from being collected which meant that the commoner’s taxes were heavily relied on. To make matters worse the grain industry was deregulated even though there was a bad harvest. People were starving in the streets while the nobles stuff themselves. Soon rumours spread that the famine was caused by the nobles themselves. The public sentiment became even worst and the nobles were portrayed as villains.

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