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War is Imminent – Liberty and Democracy

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1945. War is over. Following two devastating atomic bombs, Japan surrenders. Left behind, are broken buildings, orphaned children, widowed mothers, devastated homes and cheering crowds.

The peace process then began. The victorious powers set about ensuring peace for generations to come. When they were done planning for peace, they began planning for war. This period of history is now known as the Cold War.

30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, humanity is yet to become extinct from a nuclear apocalypse. But we still see headlines urging us to run to our bunkers as the end of the world is the press of a button away.

Einstein once said that he doesn’t know what the third world war will be fought with, but the fourth will be fought with sticks and stones.

But what if the third world war doesn’t happen? Why do we assume that eventually we’ll all revert back to killing each other? Why is this a radical idea? There’s no law of nature forcing us to take up arms against our fellow homo sapiens, but yet we act like there is.

As soon as tensions begin to arise on the global stage, people start stockpiling for their nuclear bunker, but that is the exact opposite of the way that we need to look at things. When tensions arise, we must find ways to resolve it that don’t involve mutually assured destruction. When the alternative is the total wipeout of the entire human race, world leaders must resign themselves to the fact that they need to make friends with their enemies.

Some politicians may happily send young men off to die to plant a flag abroad, but the end of the world includes them.

Maybe it doesn’t matter though. After all, an atomic bomb can’t kill you more times than you’re going to die anyway.

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