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What Donald Trump, Dick Cheney and Donald Bolton Have in Common?

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Answer: They all avoided serving in the Vietnam War. Not surprised? How is it that these leaders all manage to present themselves as “tough guys” but diligently dodged a path away from real fighting?

All three are what Newsweek calls chickenhawks. What is a chickenhawk, you ask? “According to Urban Dictionary, a “chickenhawk” can refer to: ‘a politician or other person who promotes war without having had any personal experience of it; especially those who have avoided the experience.’” Let’s see how they managed to avoid military service in Vietnam.

Mr. Trump had five deferments to avoid Vietnam according to Business Insider.

As for Dick Cheney, according The New York Times:

“It was 1959 when Dick Cheney, then a student at Yale University, turned 18 and became eligible for the draft. Eventually, like 16 million other young men of that era, Mr. Cheney sought deferments. By the time he turned 26 in January 1967 and was no longer eligible for the draft, he had asked for and received five deferments, four because he was a student and one for being a new father.”

As for Trump and Bolton, Newsweek reported :

The president [Trump]reportedly avoided service in the Vietnam War after his father called in a favor with a doctor, who wrote a note saying that Trump had bone spurs on his feet, making him ineligible for the draft. Bolton, although he joined the National Guard during the Vietnam War, has admitted that he did so and then enrolled in law school to avoid fighting in the conflict.

Mr. Bolton was in favor of the war in Vietnam, but Bolton explained why he preferred Yale University over fighting in the jungles of Vietnam: “I wasn’t going to waste time on a futile struggle,” he wrote in his memoir entitled Surrender Is Not an Option.”

Anthony Buscemi photogreaphed in Vietnam courtsey of his family.

Some young men with means and money have that option, but my cousin Anthony Buscemi did not. He never came home from Vietnam. He was our family’s hero. His father, my Uncle Pete Buscemi, served in WWII in Europe. It was a privilege and a duty to serve their country, they did not use “privilege” to avoid serving their country.

I’ll leave it to my readers to decide what to label Trump, Cheney and Bolton.

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