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Begun with a gold-rush brothel in the Yukon, the Trump empire has long been passed down through generations. Donald Trump inherited a business from his father, who inherited it from his father.

Now following in those footsteps are Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump — all brought into the family business, whatever that happened to be at the moment. When it was real estate, they worked at the Trump Organization. When it became television, they were in the cast of The Apprentice. And with politics the new family business, they’ve acted as key figures in his administration and campaign.

The question of which Trump will succeed their father is no longer just a family matter though. Having remade the Republican Party in his image, the president has given his eventual successor a key role in shaping the future of American politics.

In his October cover story, McKay Coppins tells the story of how the next generation of Trumps have competed for power — and how the move from midtown Manhattan to 1600 Pennsylvania may have established an unexpected frontrunner.

Listen for:

  • McKay Coppins and host Isaac Dovere react to comments this week by campaign manager Brad Parscale that “the Trumps will be a dynasty that lasts for decades.”

  • How the Trumps compare to past political dynasties like the Kennedys and Bushes And just as George W. unexpectedly surpassed Jeb as the heir to the Bush political legacy, Coppins tells the story of another dark horse becoming the likely heir.


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