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Remember 9-11; Only Grace of God, US Military Hold Radical Lunatics at Bay

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Charlie Daniels (left) (Charlie Daniels Photo) and 9-11 Annual Tribute in Light (right) (Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

In a tweet on his Twitter page, legendary American singer, song writer, guitarist, and fiddler Charlie Daniels asked his followers to remember 9-11-01 and stated that “only the grace of God and the United States Military” can hold “radical lunatics” at bay.

“Remember 9-11-01,” tweeted Charlie Daniels. “Remember the wanton slaughter visited upon America that day, the blind hatred that motivated it and the radical lunatics who perpetrated it. They still exist and only the grace of God and the United States Military hold them at bay.”

Charlie Daniels remarks came in response to the 18-year anniversary of the 9-11 attacks that saw thousands of Americans in New York, Shanksville, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon lose their lives as airliners were used by radical Islamic terrorists as weapons against the United States. As written by Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James, “This week, we honor the memories of those fellow Americans we lost in New York, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. We also remember the acts of heroism of America’s first responders, our armed forces, and average Americans.”

Yesterday afternoon, Charlie Daniels wrote a reminder tweet about the upcoming anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, saying, “Tomorrow we commemorate a day that changed the world[.] America[,] never forget that the terrorists who hit us on 9-11 are still out there, they still hate us and they would still like to destroy us and everything we stand for[.] GOD BLESS AND PROTECT OUR BELOVED UNITED STATES OF AMERICA[.]”

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