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“Progressive” AOC Slams and Smears Trump For Anti-War Policies After Bolton’s Firing

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On Wednesday, following the firing of John Bolton — President Trump’s now former ultra-hawkish National Security Advisor — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) took to Twitter to bash Trump for his stated anti-regime change policy.

In the tweet, Ocasio-Cortez sent out a photo of a misleading CNN chyron that read: Trump Sides With Kim Jong Un Over Bolton…” encircling the words “Trump Sides With Kim Jong Un,” with the caption, “That’s it. That’s the headline.”

Ocasio-Cortez, who bills her self as one of the most “progressive” people in Congress, seems to be endorsing ambassador John Bolton’s view of regime change in North Korea, which is what President Trump was criticizing — and what CNN was gaslighting.

CNN, with their biased and untrue headline, is referring to President Trump’s comments in the Oval Office on Wednesday morning, where he disavowed parts of John Bolton’s record and recent comments on regime change, particularly with North Korea.

During the Singapore summit in May of last year, Bolton advocated using the “Libya-model” in North Korea — reminiscent of 2011 US-backed regime change effort in Libya that overthrew dictator Muammar Gaddafi, years after the U.S. had negotiated a deal to stop them from developing their nuclear capabilities. The regime change effort led Libya to be a failed state, a haven for terrorists and sex traffickers, and transformed it into the epicenter the international migration crisis.

Bolton, who has advocated for regime change in Iran — and was one of the architects behind the Iraq War — alluded to the prospective killing of Kim Jong-un after negotiations that would rid them of their nuclear capabilities, which mirrors the “Libya-model.” Obviously, one can see why his choice of words would have major international ramifications. The North Koreans have used this quote by Bolton as an example of why they do not trust the United States in giving up any nuclear capabilities.

Traditionally, progressives have not championed regime change efforts of the United States in countries around the world. However, many people on the left seem to be abandoning their ideals in order to “resist Trump“ at all costs. What is clear, though, is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not a progressive. In fact, she is spouting foreign policy talking points that resemble the legacy of George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and other hawkish politicians that have led America into wasteful, counterproductive wars.

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