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Conservatives Cheer Black Trump Supporter’s Blunt Interview About His Enormous MAGA Hat

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Bryson Gray has taken Twitter by storm thanks to an interview he gave to WNCN at President Donald Trump’s Monday night rally in North Carolina.

Gray attracted attention by wearing what is certainly the largest “Make America Great Again” hat we’ve ever seen, and perhaps the largest one mass-produced.

It’s big.

Trump himself might call it a big, beautiful hat, and based on Twitter reactions, that’s exactly what a lot of people think of the hat — and Gray as well.

The clip tweeted by @TrumpWarRoom picks up mid-interview as Gray, decked out in a “Team Jesus” T-shirt, explains the origin of his huge cap.

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“I have a lot of friends who tell me that I shouldn’t support Donald Trump because I’m black,” Gray said. “And also they told me I shouldn’t wear the MAGA hat, so I bought the biggest MAGA hat.”

Gray’s answer was so blunt and viscerally understandable that even the interviewer let out what seemed to be an approving laugh.

The outspoken Trump supporter criticized his own friends who told him he shouldn’t support the president, saying their claims are “sort of insane because … I can support whoever the hell I want to support.”

Do you think the left takes advantage of black Americans to keep power?

Trump supporters on Twitter immediately saw the value in both Gray’s sartorial and more serious statements, and wasted no time sending notes of support.

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That last comment especially nailed it.

For generations, the American left and the Democratic Party have told black Americans that voting for conservatives makes them de facto race traitors.

By using threats like that, those groups have basically re-introduced slavery, but this time it’s slavery of the mind and the vote.

African-Americans who express ideas the left disapproves of pay a price through castigation and rejection.

Black people who vote for someone the left disapproves of experience the same.

Now, some people will say that black Americans who defy the wishes of the left’s ideological plantation owners aren’t really treated as race traitors.

The term “race traitor,” after all, generally refers to someone who has turned on his own race and is tolerating — or worse, enjoying — the company of those of different races.

If you’re one of those people, I present the message below from Twitter user, who describes himself in his bio as, “Too mean to die. Too stupid to quit.”

Black conservatives like Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Tim Scott are routinely called “Uncle Toms” simply for not conforming to leftist ideology.

Bryson Gray is correcting in pointing out how insane it is for people to tell him not to vote for whoever he wants.

But insanity has marked the left’s positions on race since the very beginning.

They were the ones who wanted to exterminate blacks through eugenics. They were the ones who used identity politics to drive a wedge in the once-healing wound that separated blacks and whites. They were the ones who crippled the black family with the Democratic “War on Poverty.”

They’re the ones who propose affirmative action measured, believing black people are so inferior that they cannot otherwise succeed in life.

What the left has done to black Americans is insane. But what’s even more remarkable is that they’ve managed to cast themselves as African-Americans’ saviors at the same time.

This, however, is changing, and Gray is evidence of that. The black unemployment rate is at its lowest point since measurement began. Trump is polling stunningly high among blacks for a Republican, especially one cast as a raving racist by the 24/7 establishment media.

Black Americans are realizing they’ve been sold a bill of goods that the left never had the slightest intention of honoring.

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