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Trump organisation releases army-style product range, despite president repeatedly avoiding military duty

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Donald Trump’s company has released an army-inspired clothing range, despite the family’s lack of military service.

The camouflage-themed range, known as the “Fall & Camo” collection, was promoted on Monday on the Trump Organisation’s social media sites.

Many commenters were quick to point out that the president is known for not having served during the Vietnam war.

“I get it,” wrote Brian Tyler Cohen, a Twitter user. ”It’s camo because when it came time for Trump to serve, no one could find him.”

The president received five deferments which exempted him from the military draft during the conflict.

Four deferments were issued so that Mr Trump could attend university.

He received a fifth after being diagnosed with bone spurs in his heels at the age of 22, despite being otherwise heathy.

The podiatrist who diagnosed him reportedly rented an office in a property owned by Fred Trump, the president’s father.

In December 2018 a member of the physician’s family told The New York Times that the diagnosis was a favour to the Trump family.

The president has repeatedly attracted criticism of his lack of military service. He has also been condemned for his attacks on veterans such as the late senator John McCain.

Mr Trump’s four adult children have no record of military service.

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The president’s paternal grandfather, Friedrich Trump, was deported from Germany in 1904, after being accused of avoiding military service. 

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