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Gay Hollywood Designer Saved by Christ After Strangers at Coffee Shop Invite Him to Church

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Speaking with a beautiful balance of love and truth, author and former Hollywood designer Becket Cook is using his life story — how he as a gay man converted to Christianity — to shed light on a controversial subject.

Cook used to live life with the firm belief that his identity was in being a gay man. His entire life was wrapped up in career success, having a boyfriend, his next Hollywood gig and celebrating homosexuality.

But an encounter with God left Cook a changed man — forever cementing his affection and loyalty to Christ.

In an interview with Brett McCracken, senior editor at The Gospel Coalition, Cook spoke openly about his former life and what life looks like now as a Christian.

When Cook, who spent his days mingling with Hollywood elites and traveling the world in the fashion industry, happened to step into a coffee shop about 10 years ago, his life was forever changed.

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He and his friend noticed a set of Bibles out on a table, and viewed the men sitting at the table as what Cook called “the enemy.” But he was still intrigued and struck up a conversation with the men at the table, who eventually invited him to church.

“I had already been wrestling with questions about the meaning of life, searching for it in all sorts of ways. But I knew God was never an option, because I was gay. It was off the table. I wasn’t confused about what the Bible had to say about homosexuality. I knew it was clear. But I was still searching for meaning,” Cook told TGC.

He accepted the invitation to church and found himself listening to a sermon preached out of Romans 7. For the first time in his life, Cook heard the gospel message loud and clear, and he was hooked.

“It was shocking and unexpected to me, a Road to Damascus moment. It was so powerful, so all-consuming. I was all-in,” he said.

He further explained the moment in a video interview with The 700 Club, saying it was like a veil had been lifted from his eyes.

“It was like a curtain had parted and I could see the truth for the first time in my life,” Cook explained. “I knew the meaning of life for the first time in my life.”

“It was over,” he said of his former identity. “I was done with it.”

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From that moment, Cook began meeting regularly with men at his church and poured himself into studying God’s word.

“I couldn’t stop reading the Bible,” Cook said. “Every time I’d listen to a sermon or read the Bible I’d end up in tears: ‘Oh my gosh, this is true! I can’t believe I know God and know the meaning of life finally!’”

The more Cook became immersed in God’s word, the more he was able to clearly articulate answers to some of the most confusing and complex questions surrounding Christianity and homosexuality.

Cook has released a new book titled, “A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption,” sharing his testimony and encouraging others to live life with an eternal perspective rather than for the fleeting pleasures of the temporary.

“My motivation for writing this book is not to win a debate,” Cook told The 700 Club. “More than anything, my hope is that you will come away with a better understanding of this complex issue, from every angle, so you can make informed choices that affect eternity.”

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