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Hillsong Worship Leader Rushed to ER with Brain Aneurysm: ‘A Miracle in Motion’

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Chelsea Taylor, a singer with Hillsong, was helping lead worship at a church in Sydney, Australia, on Aug. 18 when she experienced a life-threatening brain aneurysm.

“This is our @chelsealeetaylor at 8am yesterday — she’s a worshipper, a lover of Jesus and one of the purest hearts ever — and tonight she could do with your prayers,” Cassandra Langton, Hillsong creative pastor, shared on Instagram.

“She has just come through a 9 hour brain surgery and we are believing for no more bleeds complete healing and miracles in Jesus name — we are not out of the woods by any means — tonight she is in ICU but we believe in Jesus, his resurrection power and for hope to appear.”

Langton also said that Chelsea is “literally a miracle in motion,” according to CBN News.

Brooke Ligertwood, a singer-songwriter, asked for prayers for Chelsea.

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“Please pray for Chelsea, one of our beloved Sydney team,” Ligertwood wrote on Instagram. “This is her leading worship at church on Sunday – she was rushed to hospital shortly afterwards, has since come through a major surgery and needs our prayer. This girl is very dear to our hearts.”

Thankfully, Taylor has bounced back. CBN News reported that, according to Langton, one doctor said her recovery was “a credit to modern medicine,” adding that if this had happened just a few years ago they likely would not have had the means to save her.

But perhaps her status is no surprise to those in churches all around the world who have been praying for her, hoping for a miracle.

“Chelsea pulled the life-support out last night,” Taylor’s mother said in an update posted to Langton’s account on Aug. 19 read. “She is talking and trying to get out of bed.”

“Honestly this is a miracle! The comment was said to me, the doctors aren’t saying anything! Praise our faithful God… I just told her the whole church is praying and fasting all over the world and she smiled and said thanks mum.”

“Our family is thanking God for His PEACE…” read an update originally circulated in an Instagram story and later shared on Aug. 21 by Emma Fellers, a friend of Chelsea’s. “Totally beyond understanding Chelsea’s remarkable progress. Despite pulling the Central line out of her chest and it having to be replaced, her humour’s in fine form!”

“On arrival the nurses were attending to her and we said hello from the door. Her response, ‘Hi Mum, come and save me!’ Hilarious!”

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“Thank you for praying and standing with us…” the post continued. “Heaven really has unleashed a miracle.”

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