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Puppy Found Inside Plastic Bag After Woman Hears Him Whining for Help

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The insensitivity of humans can be horrifying. Even though there seems to be a lot of negativity in this world, there are people who choose to step up and make the world a better place.

The story of a sweet puppy who was left for dead is a perfect example of a tragic situation that was turned for good thanks to some heroic rescuers.

A woman walking in her Ireland neighborhood heard tiny cries coming from a plastic bag that had been tossed on the ground, The Dodo reported.

Curious, she walked over and was shocked to find a tiny face looking back at her.

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The woman contacted Coolronan Dog Rescue to take in the tiny pup, later named Bobby.

“Apart from been left to die in a plastic bag he’s skin and bone full of worms and way to young to be away from his mum,” the “Dog rescue coolronan” account wrote in a Facebook post. “[H]e has an issue with one of his back legs which will be checked out by our vets.”

The rescue nursed Bobby back to health, keeping its Facebook followers updated on his progress.

“He’s doing amazing and is now flying around on his back legs and has put on a lot of weight (not surprising as he eats everything),” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

Even though many people expressed interest in adopting the pup, Ramona Cunningham and her partner Chris Kelly, the owners of the rescue, fell in love with Bobby’s personality.

“He’s a very funny little pup, cheeky as well but so loyal for a pup so young,” Cunningham told The Dodo. “He prefers the human company than the dog company at the moment, although my other dogs adore him.”

Kelly, in particular, formed a special bond with the tiny dog.

“Our six other dogs are female, so [I] think it was time for Chris to have someone on his side,” Cunningham said.

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It looks like Bobby has found his forever family. This sweet pup who was left for dead now has a new lease on life.

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