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[PDF] Download Weapons of the Us Special Operations Command

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Weapons of the Us Special Operations Command Free PDF eBook Download and Read Online
Author : Chris McNab
Format : Paperback|Hardcover (KINDLE)
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Since 1987 the US Special Operations Command has used a wide array of sophisticated weapons in action around the world. Fully illustrated with specially commissioned artwork, this absorbing study explores the origins, development, and combat record of the distinctive weaponry carried by these elite forces, from pistols to assault rifles.Assessing the technology and capabilities of these combat weapons, as well as how they have been used in modern combat, this fully illustrated study lifts the veil on some of the most distinctive hand-held weapon systems of US special operations forces since 1987.The units and formations of the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) have privileged access to the finest weaponry in the world’s arsenal. Whether Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, the SOCOM troops select weapons that match their mission requirements, but which also sit at the cutting edge of combat technology.This means that, while SOCOM troops frequently use standard-issue weaponry, they

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