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Twenty-Five Must-Read Books for Fall of 2019

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Welcome to our fall books preview. While Pacific Standard won’t be around in the fall, these books will, and we encourage you to read them! —Ted Scheinman

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September 3rd

A Fortune for Your Disaster.

A Fortune for Your Disaster.

A Fortune for Your Disaster by Hanif Abdurraqib (Tin House Books)
In his second collection of poetry, Hanif Abdurraqib explores loss, heartbreak, and the possibility of “fashioning / something pretty out of seeds refusing to make anything / worthwhile of their burial”—crafting beauty from grief even when a clean redemption narrative can’t be found. The well-known cultural critic mixes references to Marvin Gaye, Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige, ’90s hip-hop, and black poetry from the Harlem Renaissance to today. These poems are filled with surprises, from their eclectic titles to the voltas in their final lines. Abdurraqib can turn a poem about a flubbed pizza order into a meditation about the inevitability of breaking promises. “Isn’t it funny,” the poem concludes, “to vow that you will love someone until you are dead.” —Rebecca Stoner

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