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Juul Hires a Prominent Researcher of Nicotine’s Effects on Youth

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Juuls come in a number of flavors that appeal to teenagers.

When searching for a new medical director, Juul didn’t have to look far. The vape manufacturer has hired Mark Rubinstein, a pediatrician and scientist with the University of California­–San Francisco’s Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, Kaiser Health News reports. Juul, too, is Bay Area-based, and its e-cigarettes are known for their sleek, techy design that critics say made them appeal to teen users, whose brains are especially vulnerable to nicotine addiction:

By the time Juuls went on sale in June of 2015, e-cigarettes had already become more popular with middle and high schoolers than any other nicotine product, as I’ve reported before. In lawsuits, however, states contend that Juul only made things worse, with a marketing campaign that helped the brand take off among teens on Instagram. Juul’s leadership told the New York Times in 2018 that it never meant to sell to youth.

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