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Duntroon Military Academy Plan – AlaskanReality

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Trivia Course

The trivia course is aimed to educate recruits on essential information necessary to their success in the group. The course will be modeled after existing trivia games on Roblox. Players need to either recite the proper answer (difficult to achieve, easy to cheat) or run through the proper image/text prompt to pass and advance to the next stage. See below

Penalty for incorrect answers could be either death, or teleportation back to the beginning of the challenge. Stages can be randomized. This event MUST be timed; when the timer expires, users will be respawned back into the social area

Drill/Formation Area

The Drill/Formation area will test recruits on their knowledge of drill and formations, and will also be a timed event. Possible ideas for such an area include:
-A light up floor
-NPC That Calls out random drill commands
-A system of penalizing recruits who mess up
-Possible system of camera registration that can tell which direction recruits are facing
-Simon says type system with drill commands and formations

TDM Area

Small and lag free weapon area where recruits have a certain time limit to battle and the winning team receives the most points. Features should include:
-Auto Team Balancing
-Damage Counter
-Persisting Kills Leaderboard
-Even sided, small map
-No collider weapons

Break/Social Area

Small, simple area for players to unwind or interact. Ideas for this area include:
-Leaderboards for each event
-Pictures of SASR in action
-Fun items such a trampolines, zero gravity/bouncing balls, or social items
-Easter eggs


The obstacle course is also a timed event and will have seperate stages that award players seperate amounts of points for completion (easy, medium, hard, etc.) The obby respawns players who fail automatically.

Patrol Area

Small, free roam area for players to roam and kill some NPC targets near the academy.

Persisting Points System

Points save server-wide, cannot be admin abused (no admin in game to prevent AA) and can be used towards social items or cooler/more powerful weapons in the patrol area. They can also possibly be used for titles to wear in game.

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