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History is Written every day! – History of Yesterday

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In the past century, we have defined history by mostly negative events that have taken place around the world, wars that have killed millions, policies and dictatorships that have brought depression and segregation in the human society. We start to define history more by horrible events not because we want to but, because of how many there are. We all can define historical events in different ways, if you want more information on this please check out this article:

I am here to tell you that there are things happening right at this moment in time which is considered historical events. The problem is that we are not aware of them because of all the other interference from the media. It is also about the interest that you as a person have for historical events. At times even I feel a bit overwhelmed by the things that are happening in my life to the point where I do not pay attention to the things that interest me. It is just as the Brexit event that has been going on for the past 3 years in the United Kingdom. It is a very historical event, however, it has been pushed for such a long period of time with so many doubts from all parties that most people that will and are affected by this event have lost interest. It is as a sort of war that you just want to see it end no matter which side comes out victories.

I guess you can now see the difference between a historian and a writer. One is allowed to write whatever their heart and soul please whereas, the historian has to always write about non-fictional past. There has always been a question bugging my head about historians and their art of describing war.

Will we ever run out of history?

Yes, we are writing history every day but, will there be any more world wars to write about? I guess even if there was there would probably be no one left on this planet to write about it. It is something I do not wish for. The idea of this generation and the ones that are to be born in the future scares me as they will not understand the real meaning of history. It is not meaningless stories to make you fall asleep to learn in order to get good grades at an exam. History is about learning from the past to improve our future. This is a more philosophical question to which we shall look at in more depth in another article.

Our human species have always relied upon what has been left from the past from our ancestors. Technology that they have used to raise up this world and that has helped us evolve. All of these great technologies have been created by various great minds through events that have sometimes ended up being accidental. No matter how these events of creations have been recorded to tell the tale. This information may not be of much you to us but in order to create new technology, we must decompose the building process of old technology. We also need to understand the creator’s mind and point of view in order to deconstruct his invention.

With every movement and swing of a sword, with every smash of a hammer, with every bullet, this world has evolved through the ashes of war. It is our destiny to discover the true meaning of these ashes and what they behold for our future. As humans, we should thrive for the future of our children as they one day will write a history of their own.

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