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What Latinx ICE and Border Patrol Agents Say About Arresting Immigrants

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Yazmin Juarez watched the sick children around her at the ICE detention facility in Dilley, Texas. Just days before, border patrol agents had detained Juarez, a Guatemalan national, along with her infant daughter as she crossed into the United States through the Rio Grande. Within days, her own baby, Mariee, would develop a cough and a fever. Though Juarez begged for medical attention, the most she got for her daughter was honey, some antibiotics, and a diagnosis of an ear infection by medical professionals at the facility. Juarez told the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties during a hearing this week that, after their release, she took her daughter to a pediatrician but it was too late. Within weeks, her daughter would die of an acute lung infection, months before her second birthday.

In recent months, stories of migrant deaths in Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention, government reports of the conditions in facilities, and misconduct by border patrol agents have caused a national outcry. As misconduct by federal law enforcement officials, all of whom are under the Department of Homeland Security, has become the focus of national attention, the question of who the agency recruits into its service has come into question.

According to the most recent data available from 2016 from the Department of Homeland Security, more than 50 percent of border patrol agents are of Hispanic descent. As of 2008, a decade ago but the most recent year for which Department of Justice (DOJ) data is available, 30 percent of ICE agents were of hispanic descent. (DHS and the DOJ use the word “Hispanic” in their demographic data, referring to anyone from Spain or Spanish-speaking parts of Latin America. The term “Latinx” refers to people from the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of Latin America.)

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