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Jeffrey Epstein Case Gives Rise to Conspiracy Theories

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“I think I’ve been unnecessarily maligned,” said Mike Cernovich, a right-wing social media personality who has claimed every A-list actor in Hollywood is a pedophile. “This shows I’m doing real things, man.” (Cernovich was, in fact, among those who successfully sued to unseal court documents related to Epstein.)

Of course, the notion that the Epstein case somehow validates every outlandish assertion uttered by the tinfoil-hat brigade is absurd. But squint at the recent headlines and you’ll see a story—about abuse of power, and elite impunity, and moral rot in the ruling class—that helps explain why a certain breed of conspiracy theorist has gained so much traction in this political moment.

Fears of systematic, underground child abuse have run through popular conspiracy theories for centuries. One of the oldest antisemitic canards held that Jews were murdering Christian children and using their blood to bake matzah. More recently, in the 1980s, America was gripped by the “Satanic panic,” as parents became convinced their daycares were filled with Satanists ritualistically abusing their children. The 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut—which depicts a fictional secret society conducting a cult-like sexual ceremony—spawned fevered speculation about the real-world predation director Stanley Kubrick was supposedly trying to expose.

Anna Merlan, author of Republic of Lies, says allegations of pedophilia are central to some of the most widely circulated conspiracy theories on the internet today. She attributes this, in part, to the simple horror of the crime. “If someone is abusing children, there is no worse thing to be,” Merlan said. Conspiracists tend to weave their narratives in ways that conveniently implicate their political enemies while sparing their allies.

But, Merlan added, “conspiracy theories aren’t based on nothing”—and with every new #MeToo allegation, convictions deepen among the true believers. “Any sort of sexual abuse scandal that involves powerful people is taken as proof of their basic thesis,” she said. “It’s sort of a sad reality that the world is so full of rape and sexual abuse and predation of women and children, that it’s possible to do this.”

For those quasi-professional conspiracy-mongers pushing some version of the “underground pedophile ring” story, the charges against Epstein could prove especially helpful. Seaman, for example, has been re-upping requests for Patreon donations in recent days. When I asked him how the fundraising was going, he sounded optimistic. “The Patreon has languished for some time because people were starting to not believe me,” he explained. “They were not seeing any forward movement.” Now? “A lot of people have been googling us.”

He’s not alone. Mark Fenster, a professor at the University of Florida who has studied the history of conspiracy theories, told me the current prevalence of paranoid thinking across the political spectrum makes this period unusual. Typically, he said, the party that’s out of power is more prone to conspiracy theories. But in the Trump era, everyone—right, left, and center—seems to suspect corrupt machinations at the highest levels of society. And, really, can they be blamed?

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