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Gallup: Small majority say Donald Trump ‘strong and decisive’; two-thirds say dishonest

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July 10 (UPI) — A small majority of Americans believe President Donald Trump is a strong and decisive leader, but more than two-thirds find him to be dishonest, a Gallup poll released Wednesday indicates.

Among a list of seven personal qualities, Americans only viewed Trump positively on his ability to be a strong and decisive leader. Among Republicans, 88 percent agreed he is strong and decisive, while 49 percent of Independents and 13 percent of Democrats agreed.

Forty-five percent of Americans believe Trump can bring about the changes this country needs. Eighty-nine percent of Republicans, 41 percent of Independents and 10 percent of Democrats agreed.

On whether Trump can keep his promises, 44 percent of all Americans agreed. Eighty-one percent of Republicans, 43 percent of Independents and 12 percent of Democrats agreed.

Forty-three percent of Americans believe Trump can manage the government effectively. Eighty-six percent of Republicans, 34 percent of Independents and 8 percent of Democrats agreed.

Thirty-eight percent of Americans said Trump shares their values, a statement 81 percent of Republicans, 32 percent of Independents and 8 percent of Democrats agreed with.

Trump saw his lowest favorability on his honesty and trustworthiness. Overall 34 percent of Americans said he is honest and trustworthy. Seventy-five percent of Republicans, 27 percent of Independents and 6 percent of Democrats agreed.

Positive responses dropped across six of the questions compared to when Gallup last asked them in 2017. During that poll, 62 percent said Trump keeps his promises, 59 percent said he is a strong and decisive leader, 53 said he can bring about changes this country needs, 46 percent said he cares about the needs of people like you, 44 percent said he can manage the government effectively, and 42 percent said he is honest and trustworthy. Gallup added the question about whether the president shares respondents’ values in the 2019 survey.

Compared to previous presidents, Trump‘ 51 percent rating as a strong and decisive leader is slightly lower than former President Barack Obama‘s (52 percent), but much lower than former President George W. Bush‘s after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks (75 percent).

On sharing values, Bush (54 percent), Obama (51 percent) and former President Bill Clinton (45 percent) had higher ratings than Trump. Americans also found Bush (65 percent), Obama (61 percent) and Clinton (46 percent) to be more honest and trustworthy than Trump.

Gallup surveyed 1,015 Americans between June 3-16 for the poll, which has a 4 percent margin of error.

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