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A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Justice Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

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On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Senior Editor David Harsanyi interviews Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino, co-authors of the new, best-selling book, “Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court.”

The authors share stories they uncovered after conducting over 100 interviews with Senators, Justices, The President, and others involved in the historic confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh last year. They also discuss how false accusations have damaged the #MeToo movement and women with real allegations of assault, and how this story effects future confirmations and legacy of the Supreme Court.

“What I though was interesting about the Kavanaugh moment was that it unified all the people on the Right,” Hemingway said. “The voters were already there, but you had a bunch of people who expressed skepticism about the need to fight hard for your values or for what you believe in, and you saw a uniting of people around these ideas–rule of law, presumption of innocence…these are things that you sometimes have to fight really hard for.”


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