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Resisting Fascism Means Resisting the Gentrification of Politics

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Statues celebrating gay life in New York City stand outside the Stonewall Inn as a crowd gathers to celebrate Pride Month on June 26th, 2019, in New York City.

People were saying:

Pride is supposed to be for all ages, the public can’t consent to their bdsm attire, and it pushes the idea that being queer is some weird fetish

if you support kink in public (i.e unconsentually [sic] exposing ppl to kink) you can unfollow me right fucking now

Incest freaks don’t belong at Pride

Zoophiles don’t belong at Pride

Kink-displaying weirdos don’t belong at Pride

Public displays of sexual fetishes during pride parades where kids are present are not appropriate.

Why cant gay pride just be a normal parade of normal, casual people walking

To discourage retaliation, I haven’t attributed these tweets, but they are quoted from users who ostensibly identify as LGBTQ+. It wasn’t even June yet—before Boston announced its “Straight Pride” Parade, before our anti-queer president wished us a Happy Pride, and before my hometown learned we had to protest our newest gay bar. But while an autocratic president and reactionary rallies have become the background noise to American life, queer people equating the sight of BDSM gear with nonconsensual violation is thornier—and not only because it endangers an already marginalized community. This impulse to flatten or normalize—to blur life experience or identity with a received notion of what that experience or identity should look like—threatens every person, party, movement, and platform in American life.

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