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E. Jean Carroll, Donald Trump, and the Indelible Memory of Assault

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Victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and their supporters protest during a #MeToo march in Hollywood, California, on November 12th, 2017.

The body does remember.

The writer E. Jean Carroll has recently disclosed her memories of being assaulted by President Donald Trump at the Bergdorf Goodman department store in Manhattan in 1995 or 1996. While Carroll alternately receives plaudits for her bravery in coming forward, and insults from the White House, the veracity of her story resonates for me, and likely for the millions of women and men globally who have been assaulted, abused, or mistreated.

These truths are permanently etched within us, inscribed in our brains and in our bones. Complete erasure of these traumatic events is impossible, though recovery is attainable.

In her 2000 book, The Body Remembers: The Pyschophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment, Babette Rothschild writes, “Somatic memory can be continuous and it can also be ‘forgotten,’ just like cognitive memory. Some people will recall the traumatizing events in precise detail, able to describe what happened as if they are watching a video.”

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