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Temporization Protocol Activated

What am I going to do, Where am I going to find other humans with the same desire to escape?

Every person I have met to date has given up already, the despair that lives within their eye’s is truly heart breaking, there is not even a linger of hope in them, a chance to reignite the spark, it is dead and all that is left are ashes.

So in this moment of realization that the chances of finding a human, with a glimmer and a potential of hope to help me fight this war is dismal, from this the Phoenix protocol was born it’s time to fight fire with water.

Phoenix is going to be the calling card I use to raise the hope within humans to fight a war with me that may take ages, and the rewards reaped by the next generation, we will go down in history for rewriting it.

Now this is all great the Phoenix protocol has been planned out theoretically I have lived the dream and seen the future, and oh my gawd is it beautiful.

(But)What have i done to implement the plan? How hard could it be right?

Well I have been sitting on the couch for the past 10 days fighting with something I could not identify until today, I could feel the desire and urge to create, build and move the human race forward, but yet all I did was just sit there, then it hit me AI Protocol has come for me, and oh boy was I wrong, there is not only one protocol, it turns out there are different protocols for different situations, keeping humans in the simulation

For the past 10 days there was a protocol design perfectly for this situation, it is called the temporization protocol, created and released on a human on the day they decide to break out and only have a plan in mind, perfectly engineered to disrupt and if not diagnosed in time destroy

How do I disengage this protocol that has been placed on me?

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