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Earth Guard — Repurpose the Military – Mark Szpakowski

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An Earth Guard — that’s what’s needed to protect our planet.

Let’s join the Earth Guard — Greta Thunberg is Commander! (Image by Caters News Agency Ltd)

Yup, just like the Coast Guard, but about responding to Climate Collapse, both short and long term.

The military is already devoting increasing resources every year to dealing with attacks by air, fire, and water on local populations and life.

Formalize this:

  • Take command of the existing military, and shift purpose, to dealing with the true enemy, and to care.
  • Keep the current military budget — repurpose it to dealing with Climate Collapse. Example: the US military budget is $750 Billion per year. Target: shift $500 Billion of that to Earth Guard within two years. At least.
  • Keep the military and warrior ethos — that’s about raising spirit, focus and energy, and magnetizing youth (who have everything to lose) to meet life and death challenges. What it’s about: caring, on the spot.
  • Re-brand as Earth Guard (or Earth Corps, Earth Protectors, Earth Mommas — something like that).

Rise to the occasion, in the spirit of Ender’s Game, of the Manhattan Project, of the Get to the Moon in a Decade project: we have 10 years, some say 5 years, to actually grapple with this (self-created) demon.

Get this on the platform of every Democratic Presidential candidate in the USA (Sanders, Warren, Gabbard, the Wang Gang, …), as well as @AOC and friends and the Green New Deal. In Canada, get this on the election platform of the Liberals, NDP, Greens — all of them, now. In France, Macron seems to be already moving in this direction: push! Etc, etc: act now!

We have five years.

We need to know what’s actually going on, to get clear on what to do about it, and to do it.

  • So we need an Earth Guard Academy, to grow a global caring knowledge garden, grounded in life itself.
  • And we need the Earth Guard to act on that knowledge, persistently, on local, regional and continental scales.

Possible effects: Future generations. Sustainable thrivability. Global sanity.

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