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Some speak out against ban on military sashes from school district’s graduation ceremony

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Nearly two dozen community members turned out for the school board meeting at Delaware Valley Regional High School.

A number of them complained about the decision to ban military sashes at the school’s recent graduation, especially because graduates were allowed to wear them during past ceremonies.

John St. Clair served in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

He says his son Alex has always wanted to follow in his footsteps, and he was looking forward to seeing Alex don the Navy accoutrement. 

“Less than 20 hours before your graduation somebody decided they weren’t allowed to wear the sashes and no one here can tell me why,” St. Clair said.

Alex St. Clair was one of eight amongst the 200-plus students who graduated to enlist in the military.

St. Clair will ship off to boot camp in August. He apologized to the board for any backlash over the sash.

“I just hope that you guys let future generations (to) come wear their sash to be able to show what branch they’re going to help protect all of and our entire country. Thank you for your time,” Alex said.

“You don’t owe me an apology. You did nothing wrong and you followed the rules which I’m very proud of you for doing that,” said Superintendent Daria Wasserbach.

Other than that immediate response from the superintendent, she and the board had no comment.  A previous Facebook post by the district said the decision had nothing to do with “bias against our military.”

Tracy St. Clair, Alex’s mother, says she’s proud of her son for standing up for himself.

“Maybe in three years when his brother’s a senior and joins he’ll be able to wear that sash in honor of his brother,” Tracy said.

Tracy does not know when she will see Alex next.

The school board reached no decision on the matter at Monday’s meeting. No timeline was given on any decision.

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