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Took a day off from stressing and decided to talk to some citizens of this simulation and as it turns out I am not the only one that is aware of the deception , but I am the only one trying to get out…. for now, either this simulation is just that good that when you attempt to get out, it has protocols in place to deal with you or they have just given up on saving themselves, something they are not able to let me know, but they can tell me everything that has been happening.

So as i am strolling through the park, all nice and green with tress so tall, you can find shade anywhere in the park, creating this cosy feeling that makes you feel safe, I found these siblings having a good time under one of the trees clearly immersed in the beauty and feeling that comes from the park.

Already in distress that I am in a simulation has led to very little fun, so I decided to find out what is just so good about the day.

Turn’s out there is nothing good about the day, but were told from a doctor(I am pretty sure an AI Protocol) that you should fake it till you make it, put a smile on your face and trick your brain that your happy, what is this crap that were being fed everyday.

As the conversation continues I realize they believe the world is coming to an end and there is nothing, they can do to break out of this prison we were born in.

One of the siblings the sister, with her long wavy black hair, (clearly not hers) and her wish to put on make up on her dark caramel skin(why in gawd’s name) with a physique that clearly show’s she goes to the gym, and yet you can hear in her voice that she is not that confident in her appearance, so I asked why, and what I got in response was a big surprise to me.

So in this dimension I live in we have these, holograms that display images and tell us what it is we like and don’t like, it pretty much dictates our life, if I actually take a second to think about it.

Another one for the AI Protocol, it is out here informing beautiful women like her she needs to do more.

But as I was talking to them a memory came rushing back like a jet stream and remembered,

I remembered that I had seen this coming that we may someday have to go to war in the digital space for our livelihood and just maybe, I may not like where I am, but I am in the right place to initiate the war and win it from the inside out, liberating humans from the slavery we have endured.

If I have to be the villain to prevent an extinction level event, then so be it.

The signs of war are showing, and unless the AI Protocol(need a new name for them) can get to me and tame me I shall continue to fight and find others like me to help in the war, the rebel cause has begun, and I am recruiting.

I wish I had a dream

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