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Jay Inslee unveils 5-point plan to fight climate change

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June 24 (UPI) — Democratic presidential hopeful Jay Inslee announced a five-pronged plan Monday that’s geared to fight climate change change by ending fossil fuel pollution.

The Washington governor’s plan calls for the end of fossil fuel subsidies, would ban new federal leases for drilling, phase out fossil fuel production, reject new fossil fuel infrastructure and improve corporate climate transparency.

The Democrat’s plan puts climate action at the heart of US. foreign policy, and its goal would be to create 100 percent clean electricity, energy efficient cars and buildings while phasing out all coal plants. It will also create 8 million new jobs in infrastructure, manufacturing and innovation over the next decade, Inslee said.

Inslee said his primary target is $20 billion in yearly federal subsidies given the oil, gas and coal companies.

“To build a clean energy economy, we must transition off of fossil fuels, and we will need a president who is willing to stand up to the fossil fuel corporations,” Inslee said. “They have polluted our air, our water, with impunity, raking in huge profits, all while taking huge subsidies from our federal government.”

Fossil fuel industry workers worried about their jobs won’t be left behind, he promises.

“They are an intrinsic part of American society today,” the plan says. “But climate crisis demands that we transform our economy and leave these 19th century energy resources and their pollution behind.”

The plan would establish a “climate test” to ensure new infrastructure meets environmental standards.

Inslee is the sixth candidate to file a climate action plan, following Joe Biden, John Hickenlooper, Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, Beto O’Rourke and John Delaney.

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