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What We Know and Don’t Know About the State of Insect Populations in the U.S. and Europe

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Scientist Raffaele Gamba from the State Museum of National History Stuttgart superscribes the container from a trap used to collect insects in the southwest German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg on May 6th, 2019.

Tyson Wepprich, a postdoctoral research associate at Oregon State University, was only supposed to be looking at the presence or absence of butterfly species in Ohio. But news of insect decline, in blockbuster studies from Germany and Puerto Rico, changed his plans. His team is now also looking hard at overall abundance—and the early results aren’t good.

“The trends are similar to those in long-term European butterfly monitoring where abundance, summed across all species, is declining at around 2 percent per year,” he says of the team’s unpublished work, and “about twice as many species are declining rather than increasing.”

Wepprich’s ongoing research is just another sign that something may be seriously amiss with the world’s insects—something some entomologists have privately suspected, but which they are only now beginning to prove and publish about.

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