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World Refugee Day: An Essential Reading List

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Every minute in 2018, 25 people were forced to to flee their homes. They fled brutal sectarian war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, escaped ongoing horrors in Syria, left behind mass food shortages in Venezuela, ran from gender-based violence in El Salvador, fled famine-like drought in Guatemala, took flight from the bombed-out rubble in Yemen, slipped away from religious nationalism in India, broke out from anti-queer violence in Uganda, and escaped persecution in dozens of other countries. More than 13 million people fled in 2018, bringing the global population of the forcibly displaced to 70.8 million worldwide, according to the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees. It is the largest population of displaced people since World War II.

The vast number of people who have fled their homes globally lends poignancy to this year’s World Refugee Day on Thursday. Other statistics stand out from the UNHCR’s yearly report as well: Currently, children make up half of the world’s refugee population. More than 3.5 million displaced people are asylum seekers, meaning the world has yet to recognize their refugee status. And the percentage of refugees who are annually able to return to their homes remains significantly lower than in past decades (in 2018, less than 5 percent of refugees managed to safely return to their country of origin).

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