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What’s Driving the Anti-Extradition Protests in Hong Kong?

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Protesters hold placards and shout slogans during a rally against the extradition law proposal on June 9, 2019, in Hong Kong.

Protesters in Hong Kong have achieved a major victory in their fight to protect their legal system from Chinese interference.

On June 15th, in response to massive popular resistance, Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced she would suspend a vote on a proposed new law that would allow China to extradite suspects accused of certain crimes and prosecute them in Chinese courts.

For over a week, some 1.3 million people had gathered daily outside Hong Kong’s legislature to protest the legislation, which protesters say China will abuse to extradite political dissidents. They managed to postpone a June 12th vote by blocking entry to the legislative building. Days later, consideration of the law was indefinitely postponed.

That temporarily protects Hong Kong‘s judicial system, one of the island territory’s few remaining areas of government autonomy from China.

Protesters are now demanding that the bill be withdrawn, not just suspended. If the law comes up for vote at a later date, it will likely pass in Hong Kong‘s legislative council, where pro-China forces dominate.

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