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What Is With All the Bad Corporate Tweets?

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Ronald McDonald at the launch of the new McDonald’s restaurant in the Athlete’s Village in Homebush, Sydney, Australia.

Sometime during the 2016 campaign, American culture stuck out its tongue and—against all prudent advice—began careening down an enormous hill. The descent has rapidly picked up speed in the years since, sometimes feeling like an unhinged bit that never turns off, sometimes a genuine tragedy, and sometimes the same as ever. For the last six months, though, our pop cultural acceleration has ramped up to the point of speed wobbles—heading for a massive wipeout, with us along for the ride.

Even putting everything in the political arena aside, something is majorly off with the brands. Like the rest of us, they seem to be completely losing it on Twitter.

Newly fetid waters of some kind of marketer’s Rubicon were crossed in September, when the Twitter account for Steak-umm—some kind of frozen, pulverized meat brand—embarked on a viral rant about generational disenfranchisement, loneliness, student debt, mental-health issues, social media addiction, and our parasitic remake culture of endless sequels.

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