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Country Star LeAnn Rimes’ New Faith-Based Tattoo Catches Flak After Going Viral

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Country singer and songwriter LeAnn Rimes caught flak from fans over the weekend over a new faith-based tattoo.

Rimes announced her new ink, cursive script on her forearm reading “god’s work,” Friday in a post on Instagram.

“Thank you @winterstonefor my beautiful new ink! You are a LovE! #tattoo #tinytats #ink #godswork#script #art,” Rimes wrote.

It was not the 36-year-old vocal artist’s decision to wear her faith on her sleeve that prompted outrage from fans, however.

Rather, it was the disrespect that came with leaving the “G” in God lowercase — and the ensuing dialogue — which upset a number of Rimes’ fans.

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“Why didn’t you  capitalize the G in Gods work?…g is totally wrong,” one fan wrote in the comments.

“I like it but God is Capital ‘G’,” another wrote.

Some of the negative remarks were few and far between, with some seeking to educate and correct the singer while others merely sought to personally attack her, but the sentiment from critics was largely consistent.

Do you have a problem with Rimes’ tattoo?

Rimes did herself no favors, however, when she engaged with one fan in particular who accused her of attempting to be “politically correct” or “gender neutral” by leaving the “G” lowercase.

“God and He. No she or trying to be gender neutral here. You are turning your back trying to PC and not make waves,” the person wrote. “The difference in loving people for who they are is one thing.

“Understanding our savior is another. You should know the ‘G’ in God is capitalized and that God is a ‘he.’ You can love your neighbor all day. But please, if you love God then respect him.”

And Rimes did little to disprove the fan’s theory.

“He, She… it all UNDERSTANDS!” Rimes wrote.

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A longtime “advocate,” Rimes wrote the 2017 hit “Love is Love is Love” as an LGBT anthem.

“(T)here is nothing more inclusive than GOD,” she added.

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