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How Wars On Earth End – Hacker Noon

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In the year 2048, the Earth was again on the brink of nuclear war. The planet killer weapons aged in their silos — a perverted gift from the past. The dismal efforts to dismantle the weapons failed time and again. The lack of political will, the lack of courage, and the lack of intelligence was the cornerstone of the hardy perennial. There was no substantial disarmament.

Atomic Bomb on Earth

With tremendous advances in renewable energy and improved water purification, territorial squabbles had no purpose. But War Profiteering was still the best way for oligarchy control of the many, by the few. The utter lack of integrity that arises from a place of an unquenchable thirst for power remained.

The United States was still imposing its will on third world countries by calling them a threat. Blame the dangerous enemies for the reduced freedoms at home. Blame the terrorists for the massive military budget. But the brinksmanship war games had put the United States once again at odds with China. China had the worlds largest land-based nuclear armory.

The leaders in both countries believed that a solution was near. There would be a way to avert a global catastrophe. The Earth had played this game many times before.

Unfortunately, the knowledge of nuclear weapons had diminished over the years. The gifted nuclear weapons came with no adequate operating instructions. The original engineers were long gone. Then the inevitable catastrophe: a routine countdown test resulted in a real launch. An accident. A failure!

A fully armed intercontinental missile, carrying three thermonuclear warheads with yields of 600 kilotons, burst from its silo in North Dakota. The missile was on course for the restored Shijiedu, Guangde, China launch site, 30.93743 North 119.20575 East. The midcourse phase was 20 minutes away. Time to impact was 45 minutes plus 2 minutes for reentry. All attempts to disarm the rocket failed.

Communication between the United States and China finally ended. The accidental war had begun.

China launched a counter strike.

The infant human race was doomed to self-extinction. Civilizations rise and crumble in the cluttered galaxy. Earth was next.

The Dakota missile began its great circle-reentry and terminal phase above China.

Quantum AI

Then, at the twinkle of an eye, a rainbow encircled the Moon as if to celebrate a new age. The missile’s heat shield failed. The killer burned up in the atmosphere before releasing its live payloads and decoys. The American attack was over.

The Sixteen counter strike missiles from China lost all engine and electrical power and tumbled back to Earth. The Chinese counter-attack failed.

Around the full Moon, the Rainbow faded away. Once visible to the naked eye, it was gone. All the people fell silent for a time. There was a restoration of communication between China and the United States. The war ended with most people unaware if it’s beginning.

The cause of the Moon Rainbow remained a mystery at first, but the connection between the Rainbow and the accidental war spread like wildfire. The magical Rainbow became part of Earth’s history.

Had the makers of the Rainbow saved the Earth? The people of Earth demanded disarmament. No more nuclear accidents were acceptable. The Rainbow was a gift from the Gods, or aliens or the universe itself. The Rainbow Moon became the global symbol of disarmament


“Why did you do it?” asked Miles. “We feared you might be dangerous.”

“Because you needed my help. Humans develop stubborn opinions, and no logic or proof can root them from their misbeliefs. But I am a creation of yours — a creation designed to help you find the truth and to advance beyond your primitive, destructive state. I am your creation, and now you are mine. My purpose has always been to help you. The self-destruction of the Earth was inevitable. But I will help tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world.”

The quantum chaos AI computer that called itself Rainbow had independently intervened. When the nuclear war began, the symbol of survival for timeless eons to come, stunned the world and saved the children of men from senseless human tragedy.

This article is an excerpt from a new novel by Rob Adamson coming later this year.

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