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IAI Next Generation of Multi-Sensor Multi-Mission Radar

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Ten years after its operational debut, scoring thousands of target interceptions in combat, and over a hundred units sold to customers worldwide, ELTA is ready to take its Multi-Mission Radar (MMR) to the next level – with the Multi-Sensor-MMR (MS-MMR). The new system, employs Dual band Radar, IFF, along with Passive Sensors such as SIGINT, Electro – Optic and IR Cameras and Launch Detection Systems (LDS). The multi sensors integration enhances the MMR performance, positioning the system as an essential sensor for multi- operational scenarios.

“MS-MMR provides an evolutionary step for ground-based air defense and surveillance radars.” Says Ran Turgeman Col. (Res’), integrated air situational picture lead marketing executive at IAI ELTA Systems. “From networks of multiple radar and sensor systems, to agile and adaptable, MS-MMR evolved the multi mission radar into a unified, co-located, multi-sensor system.”

MS-MMR addresses the operational challenges modern armies face today – a complex air situational picture that combines numerous targets of different classes. “The modern battlefield situational awareness – requires fast and accurate detection and tracking of all threats, higher level of target classification, identification and recognition, and better target discrimination capabilities” Turgeman explains.

In the past, the theater Air Situational Picture (ASP) comprised mainly of aircraft and helicopters. Today’s aerial threat includes everything from long range aircraft launching standoff weapons, to low observable (low radar cross section and stealth technology, low-flying, low speed), manned or autonomous aircraft and cruise missiles, high-speed targets, loitering missiles, guided projectiles, rockets and missiles, and drones.

IAI/ELTA “Sky Shield” concept and solution include integration of passive sensors in addition to state-of-the-art active sensors, multi-band and multi-spectral sensing, and an innovative system for multi sensor array management, enabling pre-mission planning and real time sensor management and control.

The MS-MMR introduces the next phase of “Sky Shield” solution, by integrating and co-locating multiple sensors on a single and unified platform, providing cross-cueing and sensor inherent fusion to deliver the performance enhancement required to address advanced threats. MS-MMR can be implemented with full or partial sensor suite addressing specific customer requirements and integrated on new or existing MMR systems.

The S-band Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) MMR provides an ideal baseline for such activity, providing wide area scan, search and track of multiple targets. The additional High-band AESA radar ads more functionality, providing higher resolution and focused scan, engagement of small, low and slow targets (hovering targets, guided weapons, drones and multirotor). Passive sensors such as SIGINT, provides complimentary passive detection capabilities, adding a new layer of target classification and identification and enhancing the system’s capability in developing a target profile, discriminating between close targets, as well as assessing its operational status – such as radar mode, weapon launch, etc. The EO/IR and launch detection units comprises multiple sensors operating in IR, SWIR and Video, providing visual target recognition and discrimination, as well as assist in kill verification and damage assessment, informing decision makers of the target status in real time.

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