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Father’s Day Gift Guide | The New Yorker

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With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s important that we do everything in our power to show the men who raised us just how grateful we are. To that end, we’ve profiled several types of fathers and paired them with fail-proof gifts.

Business Dad: This man thoroughly prepared you for adulthood. He’s always been a shining beacon of what it means to be responsible. Even though he consistently put in more than forty hours a week at work, he never lost sight of what really mattered: his family.

Our recommendation: Navy-blue tie

Tech Dad: Ever since you were a kid, your father has had his finger on the pulse of technology. He’s the first fella you call when you’re having trouble transferring photos of your ex off the Cloud and onto your computer. And he’s never judged you for contracting viruses on your laptop, because he understands the urge to go to a sketchy Web site to satisfy a curiosity. So, what do you get the man with every gadget and gizmo on the planet?

Our recommendation: Navy-blue tie

Sporty Dad: He taught you to dribble and the importance of teamwork. It’s all because of him that you’ve excelled in communicating with others. He may be a hard-ass, but he’s definitely on your side—as demonstrated by the full-on fistfights he got into with little-league umpires to defend your honor. He shoots. He scores. He cares.

Our recommendation: Navy-blue tie

Military Dad: You can thank this guy for your immaculate posture and your blind loyalty to authority. Yes, sir! No, sir! Yes, sir! No, sir! Keep it simple for the dad who shows no flash.

Our recommendation: Navy-blue tie

Senator Dad: Nobody has bailed you out more times than this man. The lessons you’ve learned about how to effortlessly move around society’s upper echelons are all thanks to him. So where to shop for the gent who has access to it all?

Our recommendation: Navy-blue tie

Outdoorsy Dad: This maniac took to the woods mere hours after your birth and conveniently decided to pop back up mere hours before you inked a huge sports/music deal. But that’s a gripe for another day. Today is still his, by law.

Our recommendation: Navy-blue tie

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