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Prominent Pro-Lifer Has Perfect Response After Comedian Calls Her an ‘Evil Piece of S***’

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Grace is not only in pro-life advocate Lila Grace Rose’s name, it was in her fingers Wednesday as she sent her keyboard clicking to turn aside a vile social media attack with love.

Rose was slammed by a Twitter user calling himself Arthur Chu, whose Twitter profile identified himself as being from Ohio and a “Mad genius, comedian, actor, and freelance voiceover artist broadcasting from the distant shores of Lake Erie.”

“I’m ‘downing’ on Lila Rose because she’s an evil piece of s— with an obvious agenda,” Chu tweeted.

Rose replied the next morning. “Arthur, why so full of hate against another human being? You’ve never met me – you are tweeting with me over the internet. Would you say this to a person you met on the street? I hope you are able to let go of the hate you express. Love and peace to you. God bless,” she tweeted.

Chu had been disputing Rose’s tweets on the subject of fertility in an off-again, on-again Twitter debate that began when Rose tried to explain that young women need to know more about fertility than being dosed with birth control pills.

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“Imagine taking a drug designed to target a healthy part of your body and make it stop functioning. That’s what birth control does. Many young girls are never taught fertility awareness about their body & cycle – instead, they’re put on contraceptives.

“This isn’t healthcare,” Rose tweeted.

A few days later, Chu replied.

“The funny thing about this is ‘fertility awareness’ literally isn’t health care. It tells you to do nothing and then gets surprised when it therefore has no effect,” he tweeted.

“Show me a ‘fertility awareness’ program or app that doesn’t have a track record of unwanted pregnancies,” he later tweeted, only to face mockery from Rose.

“Thank you, ‘mad genius’ Arthur Chu, for explaining to me, a woman, how completely useless a woman’s knowledge of her fertility is. I’m so glad you’ve got women’s fertility awareness all figured out,” Rose replied, closing her remark with a winking emoji.

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Chu’s snarky comment about “downing” on Rose drew some questions from another Twitter user.

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know what Lila has against contraceptives. They do all sorts of great things. But downing on other methods of birth control just becaus we don’t like what she’s saying is just petty and incorrect,” wrote a Twitter user calling himself Josh Disan Munoz.

A poster using the name James Erickson went to the root of the issue.

“I agree with the agenda part. Historically slaves were dehumanized. The agenda of Republicans and Lincoln led to freeing them and forcing the south to view them as the humans they are. Lila’s agenda is similar. To stop dehumanization of these kids. That is hardly evil,” he posted.

Do you pray for Lila Grace Rose and her work?

The tweets were part of a challenging week for Rose, who on Tuesday had tweeted that Pinterest no longer allowed content from Live Action, the pro-life group Rose founded and of which she serves as president.

“@Pinterest has now permanently suspended @LiveAction’s account (my account remains suspended), claiming our pro-life content is ‘medically inaccurate information’ & ‘conspiracies’ that lead to ‘violence.’ #LifeCensored,” she said in a series of tweets. “Pinterest Logic: You can freely pin if you’re Planned Parenthood, an abortion provider. But if you’re a pro-life group & pin about the beauty & humanity of a baby in the womb, you’re banned bc you’re a threat to ‘Pinner’s health or safety.’”

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