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Mexico and the U.S. Avert Tariffs: The Politics Daily

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His focus on the southern border as the source of national security woes is misplaced. Kathy Gilsinan reported on Trump’s tactic of linking immigration to terrorism (largely inaccurately) as grounds for his border wall, but he doesn’t need to: “Border security is an important component of counterterrorism—but in the United States, that part of the problem was already largely solved before Trump’s tenure.”

In fact, Trump’s obsession with the southern border could have unintended consequences on the country’s national security. He recently removed top Homeland Security officials who opposed his vision on immigration. The staff shortages keep the agency from doing what it was created to do, Graham argues: keep the U.S. safe from terrorists.

Since Mexico caved on a rule that would require migrants awaiting asylum in the U.S. to wait in Mexico and agreed to deploy its National Guard across the country to keep migrants from entering the U.S., does that mean the U.S. will be safer? Trump’s actions seem to indicate he thinks so.

—Gabby Deutch


🗓 The Week Ahead in National Security

Monday, June 10: The U.S. imposes a 5 percent tariff on all goods from Mexico, which Trump says will increase monthly until Mexico stops the flow of Central American migrants crossing the southern border. [ARE NEGOTIATORS

[[if this is averted by a deal, use this instead: Syrian president Hafez al-Assad, father of current president Bashar al-Assad, died on this day in 2000. Sam Dagher reports on the sinister message of the resurgence of statues of Hafez in Syria today.]]

Tuesday, June 11: Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan testifies about fixing the crisis at the southern border at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Wednesday, June 12: Donald Trump hosts Polish president Andrzej Duda, of the far-right Law and Justice Party, at the White House.

Thursday, June 13: The New York Times began publishing the “Pentagon Papers,” a set of classified documents about U.S. involvement in Vietnam, on this day in 1971. The Atlantic covered the federal trial about whether the newspaper had the right to publish the material. (Yes, the Supreme Court famously ruled.)

Friday, June 14: On this day in 1940, Auschwitz received its first prisoners. A new exhibit about the brutal Nazi death camp opened in New York recently, but in its chronicle of all things awful about the Holocaust, the exhibit “does everything right, and fixes nothing,” writes Dara Horn.


🤝 State of alliances

Donald Trump greets a D-Day veteran.

Donald Trump greets a veteran who served at Normandy during a commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. (Ian Langsdon / Pool via Reuters)

Lessons learned: Donald Trump spent the week in Europe, where world leaders tried to convince the American president of the value of Washington’s alliances with their countries. Trump’s British hosts took pains to ensure Trump’s whims were accommodated—and that he didn’t see or hear from the thousands of people who turned out in London to protest him.

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