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ICE Continues to Arrest Immigrants at Their Hearings for Legal Residency Status

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A new American citizen poses for photos following a naturalization ceremony on February 2nd, 2018, in New York City.

Lilian Calderon, an immigrant who was detained at an appointment with immigration authorities, has reportedly obtained the Green Card that she sought. Calderon is one of several immigrants named in a class action lawsuit against Immigration and Customs Enforcement to stop immigration authorities from enforcing at government buildings when immigrants are trying to comply with the authorities, a practice that advocates characterize as the state-sanctioned entrapment of law-abiding prospective citizens.

Calderon was arrested in January of 2018, shortly after completing an interview with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, in which she was applying to gain legal residency status through her marriage to a U.S. national. About a month later, the American Civil Liberties Union sued to block her deportation to her birth country of Guatemala and secure her release.

Then, in April of 2018, the ACLU of Massachusetts filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Calderon and four other families targeted in what is described in the complaint as ICE sting operations at the Massachusetts and Rhode Island USCIS offices. The complaint describes ICE‘s actions as working at odds with USCIS.

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