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Green Jobs and New Technology: A Look at Biden and Warren’s Latest Climate Plans

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Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren waves during a campaign town hall at George Mason University on May 16th, 2019, in Fairfax, Virginia.

Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden, the former vice president, and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren both released ambitious climate policies on Tuesday. 

Biden, who has previously been criticized by some on the left for being too centrist, has claimed that he will take a progressive stance on climate change. His new plan expands policies promoted by President Barack Obama, and incorporates elements of the Green New Deal. This is only the second concrete policy proposal from Biden’s campaign, following an education plan released last week. 

Warren, meanwhile, has released a variety of comprehensive plans that are limited in scope and target key issues, many of them related to the environment. Other plans released by the Warren campaign have addressed issues such as increasing taxation on the wealthy and decreasing the cost of college. The plan released on Tuesday deals with green jobs.

Democratic voters have identified climate change as a key issue for the 2020 election. In response, members of the crowded field vying for the Democratic presidential nomination have rolled out their respective climate plans. Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have each staked out prominent spots for voters prioritizing climate change in 2020.

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