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Do Climate Marches Encourage Others to Take Action?

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Young Spanish climate activists take part in a demonstration in Barcelona, Spain, on May 24th, 2019, as part of global protests demanding action against global warming.

There has already been an unprecedented wave of climate activism in 2019, from the Extinction Rebellion demonstrations in the United Kingdom to the Youth Climate Strikes that mobilized young climate activists across the world. Strikes, protests, and marches have become a primary way for citizens to express concerns over alarming climate trends—and government inaction.

Are the marches effective? Maybe: A study published earlier this year in the journal Frontiers in Communication found that climate marches have some positive effects: High-profile marches have the potential to increase positive perceptions of demonstrators and strengthen beliefs in the power of collective climate action. The researchers found, however, that marches don’t tend to encourage observers to take action themselves.

In order to deepen their understanding of the psychological drivers of collective action (including beliefs about collaborative climate action, perceptions of others’ climate change activism and concerns, impressions of marchers, and participants’ willingness to take action themselves), a team of researchers surveyed nearly 600 “bystanders” the day before the March for Science and several days after the People’s Climate March (the two marches took place roughly one week apart in 2017). The researchers defined bystanders as individuals who didn’t attend the marches but heard about them through the media.

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