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Democrats to Hold Hearings on Mueller Report: Politics Daily

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A Make or Break Issue: Most of the Democratic presidential candidates believe that Democratic voters want abortion rights expanded, and they’re going all in on the issue in the 2020 primary. “Of course,” writes Emma Green, “that bet runs the risk that voters who aren’t on board will stay quiet, stay home, or vote for someone else.”

The Day the Resistance Died: Larry Hogan, Maryland’s Republican governor, announced on Saturday that he won’t be running against President Trump in the 2020 presidential primary. The day before, Ohio Governor John Kasich said the same thing. Sitting presidents have been challenged by members of their own party before, but the GOP opposition to Donald Trump has effectively vanished, David A. Graham argues.

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President Trump inspects an honor guard during a welcome ceremony in the garden of Buckingham Palace on the first day of a three-day state visit to Britain. (Toby Melville / AP)

Ideas From The Atlantic

A Middle East Peace Plan Built on Un-American Principles (Kori Schake)

“But the Palestinians, Jordanians, and others with hard experience of difficult trade-offs can hear it, which is why the administration’s Middle East peace plan is both dead on arrival and bad American foreign policy … Expecting people to forgo their aspiration for human dignity and political representation is a message contrary to American values, and ought to be contrary to American foreign policy.” → Read on.

John Roberts Strikes a Blow Against Free Speech (Garrett Epps)

“America’s chief justice … worries more about the overworked police than about the people they arrest. Arresting that many folks is ‘a dangerous task that requires making quick decisions,’ he wrote—so many people, so little time. It is thus the job of the Court ‘to ensure that officers may go about their work without undue apprehension of being sued.’” → Read on.

What a Clash Between Conservatives Reveals (Alan Jacobs)

“If you are centrally a political conservative and you also happen to be a Christian, then perhaps you may set aside certain Christian commandments in order to achieve your primary ends. But if you are centrally a Christian and secondarily a political conservative, then you have certain obligations that you cannot ignore.” → Read on.

What Else We’re Reading

Think You Can Name Every Democratic Presidential Candidate? Prove It. (Chris Wilson, Time)

Dem Centrist Group Launches Twitter Campaign to Get People to Ignore Twitter (Hanna Trudo, Daily Beast)

Inside Pete Buttigieg’s Plan to Overhaul the Supreme Court (Josh Lederman, NBC News)

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