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Establishment Democrats Are Pushing Us Into A New Cold War

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The corporate media and Democratic establishment have quickly shifted their narrative from Russian collusion to obstruction of justice, almost completely disregarding the damage done by the three-year-long ridiculous (and now debunked) conspiracy of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Initially, Donald Trump ran a campaign of better relations with Russia — a country increasingly seen as an adversary by the United States after escalating tensions that followed the failed policies of post-Cold War administrations.

However, Trump has been put between a rock and a hard place, forced by establishment Democrats to take failed, hard-line neoliberal stances on Russia in order to prove that he isn’t “Putin’s Puppet.”

President Trump with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, April 2019.

At the same time, Democrats continued to push the Russian Collusion narrative for political gain until it collapsed with the release of the Mueller report.

Now we’re left with Trump’s continuation of this disastrous neoliberal record:

  • Trump has praised NATO and advocated for its enlargement
  • The U.S. is still continuing to occupy Syria
  • The U.S. has sent warships to the shores of Russia on the Black Sea (if they did that to us, would we see that as provocative?)
  • Increased sanctions
  • Trump’s handling of Germany and Russia’s gas pipeline agreement
  • The advocation of regime change policies in Venezuela and Iran, continuing proxy wars with Russia

If Russia did these things to the United States, how would we respond?

After the Cold War, we promised that we would not expand NATO. And during the 90s, while Russia was experiencing terrible economic collapse, President Clinton pushed for the expansion of NATO. Other subsequent administrations have continued to push for that.

President Bush and Obama tried to talk-the-talk with Putin, while at the same time continuing the trend of American foreign intervention around the world.

With regards to Russian interference in the United States election — which consisted of $100,000 dollars worth of absolutely terrible memes directed at both sides — that should be dealt with accordingly.

At the same time, though, the media conveniently leaves out the millions and millions of dollars worth of foreign lobbyist money that flows into Washington “think tanks” and into campaigns (like Hillary’s) through proxies every year, from places like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and more. Is that “interference”?

What’s more, America has interfered in nearly a hundred foreign elections since the CIA’s inception.

Moreover, the United States has spied on Russia since the end of the Soviet Union (along with spying on our allies in Germany, and many others), and not only meddled in both their internal affairs, but the affairs of their surrounding countries, most recently with Ukraine.

Provocation goes both ways. I’m not praising or justifying any of Vladimir Putin’s actions or the alleged election interference, but our actions matter as well and they must be put in context.

It’s not just Democratic politicians and the foreign policy “blob” that have made an impact.

The media has fanned the flames of war, and spent two years misleading the American public about a new “Russian Threat.”

“Journalists,” on CNN, MSNBC, and others have spent the last two years in a McCarthyite search for anything “Russian,” using scare-tactics to brainwash the American public into believing that Trump was some sort of “Manchurian Candidate.”

They still haven’t stopped, and it is having real-world ramifications. For example, as MSNBC host Chris Hayes posted in concern over the recent charges against Julian Assange and their possible consequences on the freedom of the press, his indoctrinated audience responded with backlash, repeated his same tired talking points about Assange’s alleged ties to Russia.

Moreover, in just the past few weeks, The Daily Beast published a hit piece on presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, essentially alleging that she is some sort of Russian asset because an NYU Russian studies professor donated to her campaign. Seriously.

This feels strikingly similar to the witch hunt that we just witnessed over the past two years…

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