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Disaster Relief Stalls, Trump Back from Japan: Politics Daily

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Another Outbreak: A concentration of measles outbreaks in New York City’s Orthodox Jewish community has resulted in an upsurge of anti-Semitism: incidents including “pedestrians crossing the street to get away from visibly Jewish people, bus drivers barring Jews from boarding, and people tossing out slurs such as ‘dirty Jew.’”

A Pastor’s Case for Choice: The Reverend Jes Kast grew up in a conservative, evangelical Christian community. She participated in pro-life protests and, like her family, believed abortion went against Christian teachings. Then she went to seminary. “I began questioning: What about bodily autonomy? Isn’t that justice? How would God ever infringe upon that?” she told Emma Green. Read their conversation on why Kast no longer believes abortion is wrong.

(Courtesy of Jason Paladino / The Atlantic)

‘A Pain in the Ass’: Emails obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request reveal how naval officers felt about the journalist Zachary Stauffer’s investigation into the death of the naval pilot Lieutenant Wesley Van Dorn. “Garbage journalism,” “we have little to worry about,” and “my hope is that this will now slowly go away” were just some of the internal communications about Stauffer’s reporting efforts.

Olivia Paschal and Madeleine Carlisle


Residents sort through belongings at the Westbrooke Village Apartments in Trotwood, Ohio, after the roof was torn off during a severe storm the night before. (John Minchillo / AP)

Ideas From The Atlantic

HBO’s Beto O’Rourke Documentary Goes All In on Intimacy (Megan Garber)

“What is striking, though, is the low-stakes nature of the miracle: But wait! There’s more! the film keeps insisting—and the ‘more’ here involves Beto, in his kitchen, eating some toast.” → Read on.

Self-censorship on Campus Is Bad for Science (Luana Maroja)

“The duty of scientists is to study the world—including the human body and mind—as it is. Some of our students, however, are seeing only what they want to see and denying real-world phenomena that conflict with their ideology.” → Read on.

The Abortion Debate Is No Longer About Policy (Michael Wear)

“Because the issue is so personal—it strikes at the very heart of what it means to be a person with life and agency—our discussions ought to remind us of our humanity and frailty. Instead, our toxic politics has taught us that to acknowledge nuance is to make ourselves vulnerable and exposed.” → Read on.

Robert Smith’s Real Gift to Morehouse (Ibram X. Kendi)

“If a billionaire can humble himself and declare himself community-made, then why can’t we? Then why can’t I?” → Read on.

The Tragedy of Edmund Morris (Andrew Ferguson)

“I often think of Edmund Morris, the master biographer who died this weekend at the age of 78, as the man whom Ronald Reagan, the subject of his most famous biography, drove crazy.” → Read on.

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